Trail Lync is the only universal cellular accessory for your Trail Camera.  Utilizing patent pending circuitry and SD connector cable, it is able to connect to any SD card camera past or present, regardless of the make or model.  No longer do you have to buy a camera just because you want the cellular and instant notification capabilities and have to live with horrible night shots or inferior images.  Trail Lync works with $50 cameras all the way up to $1,000 cameras.

Birthed in the security industry, Trail Lync is the vision of Dylan Seats.  While building a house, he searched for an inexpensive Trail Camera to provide instant photos in case of theft or vandalism.  Unable to find an inexpensive option, he built the first Trail Lync himself and bought a $50 Trail Camera from a local retailer.  Quickly realizing the potential value to both sportsmen and security, he founded Trail Lync. 

Dylan Seats



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