What is Trail Lync & How does it work?

Trail Lync allows any camera that has an SD card slot to become a Cellular Camera. No longer do you have to buy an inferior camera just so you can have cellular capabilities.

Trail Lync utilizes a patent pending SD cable to connect to your camera. Simply plug the SD cable into your favorite cameras SD card slot and close the case (the cable is ultra thin and does not disturb the gasket).

The next time your camera takes a picture, the photo will travel via the SD cable to Trail Lync. The photo is then uploaded to the secure Trail Lync server where it is forwarded to any email address that you set up.

Data plans are bought directly from us.  No need to add Trail Lync to your personal phone bill.

Easy to Setup

Register your Trail Lync Online, select desired settings and purchase a data plan straight from us

Connect it to your favorite camera

Enjoy pictures sent directly to your email

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Multiple Trail Lync Settings

    You can change the settings of your Trail Lync right from the Dashboard.

    Device Name

    Name your Trail Lynce whatever you want. For Example "Feeder 1" or "Tree Stand 2"

    Notification Settings

    (Choose from Immediate, or once a day). Immediate will send you an email with a picture everytime a new image is uploaded, whereas once a day will send you an overview email stating that you've uploaded 159 number of images and used 3.8 MB of data

    Save Preferences

    (Choose from SENT FOLDER or DELETE AFTER UPLOAD). SENT FOLDER will save the original image to the SD cards inside the Trail Lync. DELETE AFTER UPLOAD will delete the image after it has been uploaded

    Syncronize Settings

    (Choose from EVERY 4 HOURS or ONCE A DAY). Trail Lync will look for new settings every time it connects to the Trail Lync server, but just in case your camera doesn't take a lot of photos this setting allows your Trail Lync to connect to the server to check for new settings. EVERY 4 HOURS will force the Trail Lync to turn on every 4 hours and check for new settings, ONCE A DAY will force the Trail Lync to check only once a day

    If Memory Full

    (Choose from Delete ALL or DELETE OLDEST). DELETE ALL will delete all of the pictures on the SD card if it is full, whereas DELETE OLDEST will only delete the oldest image on the card


    (Choose from EXTRA LOW, LOW, MEDIUM, or NO CHANGE). Image compression is important because the larger the image the more battery it will take to upload and the more data it will use. Therefore, it is recommended to use the the smallest size image that fits your needs. Our pictures/data plan are baed on the MEDIUM setting which generates an image approx. 50kb in size.

    EXTRA LOW: you can tell if there is a deer in the picture but not whether it is a buck or doe
    LOW: you can see if the deer is a buck or a doe but cannot count it's points
    MEDIUM: you can count the points on the buck
    NO CHANGE: when using this setting the Trail Lync will not apply any image compression


    (Choose from Individual, or Group). INDIVIDUAL will cause the Trail Lync to upload each image as your camera takes it, whereas GROUP allows you to set a specific time which the Trail Lync will turn on and upload all of the images. The Group setting will use less batteries

    Email 1,2,3

    You will receive image upload notificaiton to the email you sign in with as well as any emails that you enter here. You can also enter in carrier specific MMS notifications here. For example, if your phone number is 555-867-5309 you would type in...
    Verizon would be 5558675309@vzwpix.com
    AT&T would be 5558675309@mms.att.net

No Contracts! Flexible plans for every lifestyle.

Our plans are month to month.  NO CONTRACTS and NO ACTIVATION FEES.

  • Basic Plan (50MB) - $9.99 per month with 1,000 photos*

  • Plus Plan (150MB) - $14.99 per month with 3,000 photos*

  • Best Value Plan (500MB) - $24.99 per month with 10,000 photos*

*Number based on 50kb photo size
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Free Online Portal Yes! Absolutely Free.

Change the settings of your Trail Lync using our free online portal. Simply log in and manage all of your Trail Lync devices.

You can even manage all of your photos in our easy to use gallery. Quickly see if any Trail Lync devices are low on battery, the last time they uploaded a photo, and more.

Free Photo Gallery Store all of your photos! Absolutely Free.

Once you log in, you can manage all of your photos sent from any Trail Lync device.

Download, Delete, or Share any image in the Gallery. Best of all, it's absolutely free.

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