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Yes, Trail Lync will work with any camera that saves to an SD card regardless of the make or model of the camera.
Most likely! Trail Lync uses the Verizon wireless network which is the largest in the nation. Please check our coverage page for more information and for a link to the official Verizon Coverage website.
Yes. This monthly data plan is purchased direct through us which leverages our scale to give you the best possible data rates available.
Unfortunately, you cannot add a Trail Lync system to your personal plan. You will need to purchase one of our available plans.
Trail Lync is designed to work with Verizon only. If enought requests are sent in we are open to the possibility of using another network such as AT&T or Sprint as well. However, at this time, the Verizon network is the ONLY network Trail Lync will work on.
No. There are no activation or deactivation fees.
Please click on our Become distributor link and submit the form. We look forward to working with you.
Yes. You can add as many Trail Lync system to your user account as you wish.
Yes. At this time you will need a Trail Lync system for each camera that you wish to receive the pictures and video from. Each Trail Lync system requires a seperate data plan.
Yes. Trail Lync will send the pictures and video from whatever camera it is attached to. No settings to change, just plug and play.
A replacement cable is available to purchase from the store. Please click here to be taken to the store.
It depends. Trail Lync is capable of compressing JPG images. You have the option to set the amount of compression. Available options are: NO CHANGE, MEDIUM COMPRESSION, LOW COMPRESSION, EXTRA LOW COMPRESSION (DEFAULT). The EXTRA LOW COMPRESSION will make the image approx. 10-50kb in size and will give you the most images for you Trail Lync data plan.

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